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Leigh Bishop

Country of residence:

BSAC Advanced diver, IANTD Trimix, cave and CCR diver, HSE, GUE Fundamentals
Type of diving:
Leigh Bishop has been exploring shipwrecks since the 1980's and was a pioneering mixed gas diver in the early days of technical diving. He has been a member of countless significant deep wreck expeditions and has dived the Britannic, Lusitania, Wilhelm Gustloff and many other famous and challenging shipwrecks lost in history. He continues to dive in the English Channel and has explored an estimated 400+ virgin shipwrecks. His time exposure photography of deep wrecks is well known and he is regarded as one of the worlds foremost shipwreck photographers. His photographs have been on the covers of dozens of magazines around the world. He is a prolific writer and speaker on the subject globally and has appeared in many television documentaries.

He is the co founder and creator of the EUROTEK Advanced Diving Conference - the premier technical diving conference in the Northern Hemisphere. Leigh is currently hard at work on a number of exciting book projects.
Best diving experience:
Circumnavigating the Britannic (Titanics larger sister ship) back in the 90’s on an old ride on Aquazepp scooter using open circuit to 120m. A dive perhaps only be surpassed (maybe) by a return with three friends all using CCR’s & modern scooters in 2016 supported by Russian owned submersibles on the 100th anniversary of the sinking.

Favourite all time wreck:- The Duke of Buccleuch sunk off Littlehampton. Depth 58m

The English Channel. Its here that you will find more wrecks per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Leigh has dived hundreds of wrecks along the south coast of Britain.

Numbers of dives per year:
No where near the number of a scuba instructor maybe 50/60 a year if that, but one thing is for sure each one is a serious shipwreck exploration....

Now Leigh dives CCR with Apeks regulators as his primary bail out options and open circuit with Apeks Tech 3 regulators with a GUE configuration. 

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