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Apeks have specialised in the design and manufacture of specific military and professional products for over 20 years for the UK and overseas forces. Our reputation for high performing, highly reliable products, across a range of professional sectors, have seen the continual advancement for Apeks in this arena.

Our regulators are now the primary choice for both UK and Canadian military, open circuit diving teams, due to their unrivalled dependability in the most hostile of environments. The UK’s military rebreather systems are also powered by Apeks regulators, manufactured for non-magnetic ‘stealth’ applications.

Emergency breathing systems are also a big part of the Apeks military product portfolio. The submarine BIBS (Built-In Breathing System) has been chosen by several navies to help protect their forces in the event of submarine escape.

The PSTASS (Passenger Short Term Air Supply System) is now the only helicopter emergency breathing system to be accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority for use in the UK. This product is now in service throughout the oil and gas offshore industry within the UK.

Apeks has also partnered with our parent company Aqua Lung to develop a new commercial diving helmet, the Aqua Lung G3000SS. Launched in 2014, this stainless steel diving helmet has set new standards in safety and breathing performance for the demanding professional diving markets.

Working with various nation’s militaries and professional bodies, Apeks has designed and developed a range of products primarily focusing on breathing and compressed gas systems. Our in-house design, development and manufacturing facilities, mean we can respond extremely quickly to customer requirements, whether for standard or bespoke applications.

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Product military

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