Apeks Twin Outlet Valve

Twin outlet
Twin outlet
Twin outlet

Apeks Twin Outlet Valve

The cylinder valve is where your air delivery system starts, so why compromise the performance of your regulator with an inferior manifold system? The Apeks range of manifolds and cylinder valves feature a metallic reinforced, soft grip and shock resistant hand-wheel, double O Ring sealing and nickel plated internal parts for high gas flow and superior performance.

The Apeks Twin outlet cylinder valve is for mounting two first stages to single cylinder. This allows for a redundant first stage without the need for an extra cylinder.

Features & Benefits

  • M25 neck thread.
  • Available in 232bar DIN (G5/8”)
  • Yoke convertible.
  • Simple to fit and maintain.
  • High flow design.
  • Double ‘O’ ring barrel seal.
  • Soft grip shock resistant handwheel with metal insert square drive mechanism.
  • Nickel plated internal components for enhanced protection and unparalled smooth operation.
  • Second outlet can rotate through 360 degrees. High quality chrome plated finish.
  • Part of the Apeks manifold range.
  • Robust design.
  • Polymer Anti-rust tube.
  • Can be converted to a single cylinder valve or configured into a Manifold.



2.04kg (4.51lb) Approx.


Brass / Acetal / Ellastollan, chromium plating, PCTFE sealing seat.

O-rings - Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

Maximum working pressure:

DIN - 232 to 300bar (3365 to 4351psi)

Temperature Range:

Working Temperature <10°C to 55°C (<50°F to 131°F for cold water use)

Test Pressure:

Conforms to EN250.

Maintenance Recommendations:

To be serviced every 2.5 years by an authorised Apeks service technician. Time scales may vary in different locations, please refer to local regulations in your region.


232Bar DIN/Yoke Twin Outlet Valve      RRP £132

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