Apeks regulators are some of the safest around and regularly top independent tests for build quality, ease of breathing and their performance in extreme conditions, whether that be depth or temperature.

Alternate Air Source Safety

The Apeks XTX range of regulators are the world’s first regulators designed to exceed the European standard in Auxiliary Emergency Breathing Systems.

More officially known as EN250:2014 including annex A. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s important.
An Auxiliary Emergency Breathing System (commonly known as an Octopus or alternate air source when connected to the primary regulator) is a fundamental part of any diver’s kit, providing an emergency backup demand valve in case of primary demand valve failure and acting as an alternative source of air for a dive buddy.

The proposed minimum safety standards only require an alternate air source to be tested to 30 metres (98ft).
Apeks recognises that emergencies can happen beyond these limits and we are the first regulator manufacturer in the world to design, have independently tested and be awarded CE approval for alternate air source products which far exceed the proposed minimum requirements.
This means that an Apeks alternate air source matches the performance of the primary demand regulator that it is intended to work with, tested to depths of 50 metres (164ft) and in water temperatures below 10°C (50°F) where stated.

You can be confident that in an emergency or an out of air situation, your Apeks regulator can cope with the extra demand of your buddy breathing from your alternate air source and safely supply air to you both.


You are at 200 metres on a wreck. Then again you might not be, but it’s nice to know that Apeks regulators are extensively tested to perform at those depths and beyond.

The Norsok Standard U-101 accreditation is a demanding standard that was devised for equipment used by commercial divers in the petroleum industry. The regulators are tested to 200m using a Heliox gas blend.

Apeks makes three of only four accredited regulators, the TEK 3, XTX200 AND XTX50. So whether you are at 20m or 200m, there’s only one brand that you should trust – Apeks.

Diver Safety

Apeks products are designed and tested to thrive in the harshest of conditions. However, nothing replaces training, experience and common sense when it comes to any form of scuba diving. So while Apeks products can be found in some of the most demanding dive environments on Earth, never dive outside of your limits, whether that be in terms of your training, experience or physical ability.

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