Patented Twin Layer System

The most innovative advance in drysuit technology in over 20 years.

No other drysuit in the world has the mobility, flexibility, or adaptability of the Fusion.

Our Patented Twin Layer System's ingenuity comes from the layers that work independently to provide the perfect comfort & fit. The internal, loose cut inner core is molded to the body by the independent elastic outer skin which provides unparalleled freedom of movement of the arms, legs and torso. The oversized inner core integrates the dry zipper, valves, and seals, and fits a broad range of body shapes and sizes.

10 Reasons to Make Fusion Your Drysuit

  1. Maximum Flexibility - Oversized inner Core combined with an outer layer compression Skin provides unrivalled mobility without excess material
  2. Better-Than-Custom-Fit - The outer layer compression Skin literally moulds the inner layer Core to the wearer's personal body shape
  3. Dives Like A Wetsuit - The Twin Layer System eliminates rapid ‘bubble transfer' throughout the Drysuit by distributing the air inside evenly over the entire body
  4. Modular Diving System - Exterior Skins and interior Cores can be readily removed and exchanged with different models to tailor fit your Fusion to your specific diving requirements
  5. One Suit Any Environment - Customize your thermal undergarments to match the specific water conditions. The Fusion will contract or expand as needed to allow unrestricted movement without excess material or squeeze
  6. Better Durability by Design - The Patented Twin Layer System utilizes 25-50% fewer seams for the inner core - the source of 80% of all Drysuit leaks. The loose cut fit of the inner Core reduces stress on seams and material. Also, the independent outer layer provides a durable protective membrane that flexes and contracts over the inner Core, reducing cuts and tears from the environment
  7. A Suit for Life - As your skill level, type of diving, diving destination or your body changes, the Fusion adapts along with you
  8. Outstanding Return on Investment - Your Fusion is really a family affair. Not only will Fusion meet your diving needs today but due to its outstanding adaptability, modularity, longevity and ability to fit a diverse range of body types, the Fusion is capable of meeting the next generation's adventures tomorrow
  9. Less Down Time - More Diving - Holes happen but the Fusion was designed for the harsh conditions faced by Special Forces divers so the majority of any needed repairs are easily performed in the field. The balance can be done at your local Aqua Lung Dealer
  10. Safer, Easier Diving - by Design - With ‘bubble transfer' greatly reduced, the Fusion is user-friendly and helps maintain correct trim and buoyancy in all conditions so you can concentrate on your diving and not on your exposure suit

Available in either the DryCore or new AirCore models