Q. What is a cold water regulator?

A. It is a regulator that is designed to be used in water of any temperature. The first stage is environmentally sealed.

Q. What is a warm water regulator?

A. A regulator designed to be used in water 50 degree Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) and above.

Q. What is the intermediate pressure of Apeks regulators?

A. All Apeks regulators have an intermediate pressure of 9.0 - 10.0 BAR, or 130-145PSI

Q. How often should my Apeks regulator be serviced?

A. Your regulator should be serviced every two years, with an inspection completed by an Authorized Apeks technician in non-service years. (Ex. Year 1 inspection, year 2 service, year 3 inspection, etc). Refer to the Free Parts for Life Program for additional benefits of owning an Apeks regulator.

Q. Can my Apeks regulator be converted for Oxygen/Nitrox service?

A. Apeks regulators as standard are suitable for use with up to 40% O2 but you must check what regulations apply to your country. For example within Europe we must adhere to the European Standards EN144-3 and EN13949 which state that regulators used with EAN over 21% must use the special Nitrox M26 fitting. The following models can be converted for nitrox use with over 40% oxygen ( up to 100%); ATX40, AT20, XTX200, XTX100, XTX50, XTX40, XTX20, Egress, TEK3.
Late 5000ST and Sentinels. Older piston first stages cannot be converted.

Q. Can Apeks regulators be used from the left hand side?

A. Yes. The XTX range can be used from the left or right hand side. The TX and ATX range can only be used from the right hand side. The Egress, 5000ST and Sentinel can be used left or right handed.

Q. Which way up should the 1st stage be fitted to the cylinder?

A. It doesn't matter, it comes down to personal choice. It does not affect the function of the regulator.

Q. Do you have dealers in other countries?

A. Apeks have local dealers throughout the United States as well as International distributors worldwide.

Q. Can my yoke clamp regulator be converted to 300 Bar Din?

A. Yes, all it requires is a Din handwheel assembly (AP0211) to be fitted in place of the yoke clamp.

Q. What is a removable ARCAP seat?

A.The seat is the sealing face in the body of the first stage. The Removable ARCAP seat has advantages over a seat machined into the body of the first stage. Firstly it is removable so if the seat was damaged it would not be necessary to replace the whole body of the first stage which would be expensive. Also it can be made of a different material to the brass body. A removable seat can also be machined to even finer tolerances than a seat machined into the body of a first stage.

Q. Can Apeks regulators be left and right handed?

A. The XTX range of Apeks 2nd stage regulators are suitable for both left and right handed use. An authorised Apeks technician can easily change the hose routing. Contact your local dealer for details.

Q. What is TEK3?

A. TEK3 is an innovative 1st stage regulator system specifically designed for twinset diving. More information can be found here.

Q. What is the purpose of the venturi lever on the 2nd stage of the regulator?

A. Many Apeks 2nd stages are equipped with a diver controllable venturi system. This switch allows the diver to control the venturi assist to reduce the sensitivity to free-flow and provide the maximum airflow at depth. The lever should be set to the plus (+) position to achieve maximum assistance for easier breathing. To prevent the 2nd stage from free-flowing, the lever should be set to the minus position (-) during entry or while swimming at the surface.