Etienne Mackensen

Etienne Mackensen

Country of residence:

OWD Instructor , Inspiration Instructor, Full Trimix , Full Cave

Type of diving:
I am 40 years old and I´m diving since 27 years,  moreover have done around 4000 dives.
I am IDD Open Water Instructor, IANTD & IART Inspiration Instructor, Full Cave Diver and active Trimix Diver for 12 years.
After all the time, diving is still a passion for me.

Best diving experience:
My best Tek diving experience so fare was my cave course last November in Florida with Jill Heinerth and Bill Oestreich ( Bird ) at Ginie Springs

I like any type of diving, but due the condition at the Lake of Constance, most of my dives are between 3 – 6 Degrees cold water and most of the time is dark.
I love to go diving at Ojamo, after my cave course I would love to explore more mines and caves. I started again last year with an Expedition team and was part of the “ Mission Big Fish” more Expeditions will follow this year in various countries.

Numbers of dives per year:
I do around 100 dives per year.