Edward M. Szostak

Country of residence:


  • NACD Full Cave 1990
  • Commercial Mixed Gas Diver, Hyperbaric Chamber Operator – Ocean Corp. Certification in Offshore Oilfield Diving1983.
  • PADI Scuba 8/30/75

Type of diving:
I enjoy a wide variety of Technical type Diving from Florida/ Mexico Caves to Atlantic and Great Lakes Wrecks. My primary home is in Pt Loma so I have close access to offshore diving in San Diego Pacific waters. I have a small vacation home located only a mile or two from some of the Great Lakes best Technical Wreck Diving in Presque Isle Michigan, so naturally the bulk of my Deep Diving Centers there. Besides Deep Great Lakes Wrecks I enjoy classic wrecks such as expeditions to the USS Monitor, Andrea Doria. I also am a member of San Diego Sheriffs Dive Team specializing in underwater crime scene investigation and recovery. I also enjoy building my own dive equipment such as light canisters, reels and mixed-gas rebreathers such as the CRAWDAD rebreather.

Best diving experience:

  • Last summer 2013 we dove the Schooner Audubon off Presque Isle and the Steamer SS Florida which I have been trying to get to for several years. Both of these are largely intact wooden wrecks. The Steamer Florida is in about 250 FFW and a spectacular wreck. I think it beats the Doria as an interesting Dive.
  • USS Monitor- Doing Multiple Dives on the USS Monitor was great also as it’s probably the most Historic Wreck in US History, access is tightly restricted to the site so it was a good experience. This only “warm water” Tri-mix Dive site I have dove.
  • Andrea Doria, North Atlantic-  Dives went well and were fun as it is the hot destination for deep wreck.
  • Akumel Caves- Caves in Mexican Riviera cannot be beat with systems such as “Na Hoch na Chich, Temple of Doom,  
  • B36 Bomber – we dove this with Dan Crowell of Deep Sea Detectives, also a historic site as this was the location of the first Mixed Gas Scuba Dive ever done by the US Navy.(done to destroy secret electronics)

California, Pacific Ocean, California Lakes, Great Lakes-Superior, Michigan, Huron, North Atlantic, Hawaii-Oahu, Kaui, Big Island. Mexico Caribbean and Pacific.
90% Wreck, 10% Cave

Numbers of dives per year:
At the minimum 1 day per month as we are required by Sheriffs dept. to train monthly. In summer months this may be as high as 2-3 times per week with normal Scuba + Technical Type dives.

Most California Diving is mild-technical with more advanced sites being in Great Lakes and elsewhere. Extreme Cold and my dive sites usually co-exist as oftentimes we dive with the ice.

I would like to dive more in warm water but that rarely happens.

Most of my diving is either exploring, or gear development, 90% of the time I dive alone.