Drazen Goricki

Drazen Goricki

Country of residence:

NAUI Instructor Trainer, ANDI / TDI / IANTD Trimix and CCR( AP, Meg ),  TDI Full Cave Instructor

Type of diving:
After some 1000 hours of exploring underwater wrecks and caves, it was in 2008 that I started teaching technical diving, CCR and have been doing it passionately ever since. I like to think of myself as a diver moving boundaries. I practice deep cave and wreck dives at depths bigger than 100 m and I have been filming and photographing them all along. Underwater photography has become one of my big passions and I try to record the state of every wreck and cave I visit and share the photos with the diving and non diving community and thus popularize diving as an amazing and interesting sport. I often participate in exploration projects trying to contribute to revealing new facts about underwater life and environment including international expeditions on deep wrecks. I am a member of professional diving associations and have so far been invited to give prsentations and speeches in several diving events. I use every available opportunity to dive and explore new caves or wrecks be it in Croatia or anywhere in the world.

My first and last points of interest are caves and wrecks.

This goes together with underwater filming and documenting all the diving sites I visit and showing the world beauties that lie beneath the sea surface.

I have been teaching tech diving and CCR diving to students and participating in underwater explorations and scientific projects.

I have also been writing articles and reports with accompanying photograhs of my diving adventures for popular diving magazines such as Scuba Life and More (Croatia), Wetnotes (Germany), Duiken (Netherlands), Octopus (France), Revista Outdoor (Portugal), SUB (Italia) and many more.

One of the best experiences, if not the best, is by far the discovery and identification of the Giuseppe Garibaldi wreck - the deepest wreck in Croatia (-123 m), famous Italian armoured cruiser sunk during the First World War. I discovered and filmed the wreck with my team in 2009 and have dived at it a few more times. I have been working on the project of making a documentary film about the wreck which has been shown in shortened version on several national and international diving events so far.

The other experience I need to mention is the submarine U455 in Italy at the depth of - 125m  which is one of very well preserved German submarines. The view of U455 standing buried in the seabed at an angle of 45 degrees is astonishing.

Numbers of dives per year:
I spend approximately 200 hours a year underwater.