Garry Dallas

Garry Dallas

Country of residence:

SSI Trimix Instructor, Padi MSDT Instructor, DSAT TecRec Tec40,45,50, Trimix Sidemount and Cavern Instructor, PSAI Cave Diver, AINTD SCR and Trimix CCR diver, 2* AIDI Free Diver.

Type of diving:
For my best tek experiences I have many but I have to include cave diving exploration in Mexico's awesome cenotes, trimix week diving battleships and ocean liners- HMS Audacious, Justicia, Empire Heritage and Laurentic at 70m off NW Irish coast with clear viz, 90m crystal clear waters of Malta on CCR, 45m wreck dives and penetration on the historic WW1 battleships in Scapa Flow, beautifully preserved wrecks in Baltic sea, wreck penetration of Rosalie Moller in Red Sea

Caves, Deep, Wrecks, Extreme cold … countries… exploring, teaching…
My playground is 1.5-2hrs in any direction so between teaching all year round in Capernwray, Delph and Hodge Close caves, I teach in Malta regularly, water temperatures ranging from 3 deg in UK to 25 deg in Malta.
My favourites are the extensive mines at Linley (22 miles of man-made and natural cave passage), Alber Las (Lost mine) or resurgences such as Hurtle Pot and White Lady Caves, too many to list.
Recently have been asked to explore White Scar Caves (Britains Biggest show cave) since it was last pushed 15 yrs ago.
For deep dives OC or CCR, water temp down to 4 deg, I go to Wastwater (87m) in the Lake District or Dorothea Quarry (105m) in North Wales. The sea is just as far in any direction (2hrs away) for any good reef or wreck dives such as in North West coast of Scotland, Anglesey ( Liverpool Bay has around a thousand wrecks many still unexplored) and the North East coast of England.

Numbers of dives per year:
350 dives per year, average 1-1.5hrs dive time.