Nathalie Lasselin

Country of residence:

PADI DSAT trimix gas blender, 15 specialties including ice - dpv
TDI cavern, intro to cave, full cave, Stage cave
TDI all technical level up to basic trimix including adv sidemount, solo diving
DAN EFR o2 provider
Evolution CCR instructor PADI – TDI (to be completed april 2014)
Type of diving:
I’ve been a tek diver since 2002.  Wrecks and Ice diving are what brings me to technical diving. Living in Quebec, The great lakes and also the story of the Empress of Ireland were strong enough to attract me to the depth.  Being a filmmaker, I took a camera right away to film and share the stories of the deep and remote underwater and underground world.  
Best diving experience:
My best diving experience is always the one to come, to always go a little bit further in the knowledge of that world.
Amongst my dives, I will surely remember the ones for the filming of the wreck of the J.B King who was the largest drilling barge in Canada in 1930. The challenge of the dive was more about being in a not so good visibility and strong current directly under the seaway than the depth of 50 meters. I was able to complete the filming of the wreck and put at the last deco stop a commemorative stone so divers will remember of this underwater cemetery. The last dive of the film was made on the presence of the sole remaining survivor of the wreck. 6 monthes later. Mister Ev Snider passed away.
In did some deep cave diving in Eagle nest and in Grand Cayman, but my prefered dive is certainly the one that is the shortest and shallowest one. But in order to dive the siphon of that cave in Sierra Negra, Mexico, It took a team of 5 cavers, 2 monkeys, 2 sherpas and 3 days.  We though it was going to link 2 systems but after 100 meters, there was no possible passage even for the smallest diver, which is kind of myself.  
I could tell a lot about the numerous dives in murky, low vis in the St Lawrence, just trying to understand the wreck we were diving.  
1- Filming underwater from commercial, music video to caves and wrecks
2- Exploring and documenting (mapping, survey) caves mainly in usa and Mexico  and wrecks in the St Lawrence river. I am also doing a bit of underwater archeology as NAS trained.
3-Teaching cave diving, technical diving, underwater photography and videography
Most of my diving is done in water ranging from 0 to 20 C
I dove in 20 countries

Numbers of dives per year:
Roughtly 200 dives per year.