WTX3 Buoyancy Cell

WTX3 Buoyancy Cell

WTX3 Buoyancy Cell

The WTX and WTX-D Series is a selection of harnesses, buoyancy cells and accessories which offer unparalleled versatility due to the modular nature of the whole system. Each component can be configured into a highly technical rig for those trained to push the limits, or scaled down to make a travel friendly set up suitable for any diver.

This single cylinder buoyancy cell offers 34lbs of lift and can mate to the WTX Harness or directly to a WTX Back Plate.

Features & Benefits

  • Gussets along each side allow for a full 34 lbs of lift without compromising the overall size of the WTX3.
  • 4 slots allow it to be mounted to a WTX harness or back plate using upper and lower nylon cylinder bands.
  • 2 pairs of grommets allow the WTX3 to be bolted on if a single tank adapter (STA)is used.
  • A 2” (5cm) wide restriction band at the bottom of the WTX3 allows the cylinder to nestle into the inflated buoyancy cell so it doesn’t get pushed away from your body.
  • A 2” (5cm) D-ring on the restrictor band is a convenient place to add accessories like a surface marker buoy.
  • The airway comes off the top back centre of the cell. A safety cable inside the elliptical hose prevents hyperextension of the corrugated hose.
  • Features the Apeks WTX Airway Complete with brass buttons.
  • Includes front, lower left pull dump.
  • Constructed from durable 840-denier nylon.




LP Hose


Airway buttons


Dump valves

1, lower left

Dry weight

2.78 lbs / 1.26 kg