WTX4 Buoyancy Cell

WTX4 Buoyancy Cell

WTX4 Buoyancy Cell

The WTX and WTX-D Series is a selection of harnesses, buoyancy cells and accessories which offer unparalleled versatility due to the modular nature of the whole system. Each component can be configured into a highly technical rig for those trained to push the limits, or scaled down to make a travel friendly set up suitable for any diver.

The WTX4 is a versatile wing that can accommodate a single cylinder or double cylinders and provides 45lbs of lift capacity. It is set up to accommodate an optional internal retraction kit.

Features & Benefits

  • The WTX4 provides 45lbs. of lift.
  • The WTX4 can mate directly to the WTX Harness or the WTX Back Plate using twin tank bands or using centre bolts.
  • Highly efficient drains allow water to empty quickly after a dive.
  • Outer bag constructed out of 1000D Armorshield™ Cordura® to resist abrasion and fading
  • Inner bag constructed from mil-spec welded fabric, the same fabric used in survival vests worn
  • by US fighter pilots.
  • The airway comes off of the back top centre of the cell. A safety cable inside the elliptical hose
  • prevents hyperextension of the corrugated hose.
  • Features the Apeks WTX Airway Complete with brass buttons.
  • Pull dump on inside lower left.
  • Optional pull dump may be added to the inside lower right.
  • Accepts WTX Internal Retractor Kit.



1000D Armorshield™ Cordura®

Lift capacity


LP Hose


Airway buttons


Dump valves

1, lower left 1, lower left (optional dump on lower right)

Dry weight

3.4 lbs / 1.55 kg