Apeks Unveils Limited-Edition 40th Anniversary Regulator

Apeks Unveils Limited-Edition 40th Anniversary Regulator

The culmination of 40 years of the best-of-British precision engineering and technical capability, global diving equipment manufacturer Apeks is proud to now make public a very special limited-edition regulator: the Black Sapphire.

Apeks believes that the Black Sapphire characterises the very best of the company’s diving heritage. This striking new product will be available in a strictly limited quantity globally and follows on from the success of the Black Pearl, the company’s 30th anniversary regulator, which has gone on to become a much sought after collector’s item.

With fresh and innovative styling across both the first and second stages, the Black Sapphire features a precision-machined, aircraft grade anodised metal front cover, which retains the crafted machining marks created during its production. The metal front cover not only looks stunning but helps to improve cold water performance. Cold water performance is further enhanced with a heat-exchanger as standard on the first stage. The first stage has a super-tough and luxurious Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating and is available in both DIN and Yoke fittings. With five ports as standard to allow for flexible hose routing - and introducing a unique carbon-coloured hose with not just a second stage swivel but also a first stage swivel joint to create the most comfortable of dive experiences -  the Black Sapphire not only looks good, but plays good too.

“Apeks regulators are the industry benchmark for design, quality and performance,” says Apeks Managing Director, Landon Helsby. “Blending technical capability with stunning good looks, the arrival of the Black Sapphire is a tremendous way for us to celebrate the last 40 years which have seen Apeks grow from modest roots in an engineer’s garage to a world-class manufacturing facility employing over 150 people, each one unswerving in their desire to give divers the very best kit possible.”

“We are extremely proud of the Black Sapphire,” said UK Sales Manager, Dean Martin. “Everyone at Apeks has played their part in the development of this very special regulator and you’ll find all of our signatures, including that of our company founder Ken Ainscough, on the packaging. Each Black Sapphire will have its own unique edition number and we’ve already had lots of requests from people for certain numbers that mean something significant to them. The big question is ... who will get number 0001?!”

The new product is supplied in an EVA foam case which, once the regulator has been removed and assembled, becomes a very desirable regulator bag.

The Black Sapphire retails at £625 SRP. For more information click here.